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Iwaya Caves, Enoshima Island


Who We Are

If you are reading this post, you must have an interest in Japan, the country known for samurai, sumo, sushi, salarymen, and recently, self-help (think Mari Kondo’s minimalism). Of course, Japan, like any other country, is so much more than the sum of its parts and is so much deeper than its stereotypes. Here at Wafuu in the West, we want to share the deep, beautiful, and quirky sides of the real Japan, wherever you are.

Who This Blog is For

This blog is for three people. First, it’s for those of you who have transplanted yourselves from beautiful Japan to someplace abroad, and although you love your new life, you don’t want to let go of some of the beautiful and nostalgic culture you left behind.

Second, it’s for you who have never set foot in Japan yet somehow have a few Japanese bones in your bodies (which people around you might not understand) and want to satisfy the quiet longing for all things Japanese.

Third, it’s for the simply curious.

About Wafuu in the West

Wa means harmony, and it is also means anything related to Japan. Wa shoku means Japanese food. Wa shitsu means Japanese room. Wa fuu means Japanese style. Whether you know everything about Japan or are just discovering it, Wafuu in the West is dedicated to bringing you winds of wa, wherever you are.

Who We Are

Blog writer Erika is a second-generation Japanese who moved to Japan from Oklahoma (USA) in 2016. She lives in Tokyo with her sisters, and together they are discovering the beauty, quirks, and curiosities of “wa” in daily life. The aim of this blog is to be a source of “wa” for those whose heart is in Japan but whose feet are on Western soil, and to help you celebrate the seasons, cook yummy Japanese food, and fill your home with little bits of Japan, so you can live the Japan life right where you are.