Mottainai! 3 Free, No-Hassle Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Mottainai! 3 Free, No-Hassle Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Can fruit peels, soapy water, and mailing labels help you be more eco-friendly? Absolutely!

捨てないで! (“Don’t throw it away!) Living an eco-friendly might seem time-consuming, a great big hassle, or very expensive. While those things can be true, there are actually many simple ways to reduce waste. Last month we talked about 3 Ways to Reuse Rice Water. This month we will see how 3 simple tricks can help you live an eco-friendly life without spending a single yen (or penny, or pence) or losing an extra second!

Today’s tips come from Junko (ありがとう!). Full-Japanese born in Tokyo, she married at 24 and moved to the US with her husband and three young children at age 33. The next three children were born in the US, and out of the six, three now reside in Japan (one happens to be the writer of a Japanese lifestyle and culture blog, hm!). With an (almost) empty nest, Mama and Papa currently enjoy retirement life infused with the best of wafuu and West.

Eco-Friendly Outlook: Think Twice!

Junko: “I always think twice before throwing away anything. I particularly try not to waste water. I was trained by [my mother]!”

“Think twice before throwing away anything.” Photo Credit: PhotoAC

Junko’s mother, born during the Taisho Era (大正時代 1912-1926), lived through World War II and afterwards, she worked hard and economized in order to raise her large family. She is currently 99 and has enough clean, reusable plastic food containers and Häagen Dazs cups to open a container store.

Eco-Friendly Tip #1

“…[U]se used tea bags, orange peels, used dryer sheets etc. to wipe away greasy dishes and pans before washing them.” 

Greasy pan before
Greasy pan after

What a great tip. Not only do you make the most of your orange peels, but also you save on water and dish soap and leave your dishes smelling like citrus!

Eco-Friendly Tip #2

“…[R]inse dishes over other soapy dishes so that the water falls on them to save water.”

It’s easy to forget in a first-world country that water is precious, but 29% of the world does not have access to clean drinking water. Let’s make a little water go a long way.

Eco-Friendly Tip #3

“[U]se excess free address labels (or anything with a sticky side) to pick up crumbs and hair off the floor.”

Free sticker before
Free sticker after

Another smart idea. Keep your floors cleaner while making it worth the mailman’s while to deliver free stickers (or is that thinking too deeply?).

Now it’s your turn! Which of these tips did you like the best? Do you have any okaachan tips? Share them in the comments!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I hope it serves me well! Recently, Rina has started saving her orange peels for me, but since she eats one a day and I forget to use them, there is often a little mound by the sink!

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